Oil & Gas Consulting

Oil & Gas Monte Carlo Analysis:285-oil

Our team experience highlights Monte Carlo probabilistic oil and gas recovery estimates after geologic analysis.

We have Completed:

1) A Monte Carlo Simulation Method for the Assessment of Undiscovered, Conventional Oil and Gas.

2) We follow both program parameters from USGS

The U.S. Geological Survey has developed two Monte
Carlo programs for assessment of undiscovered conventional
oil and gas resources. EMCEE (for Energy Monte Carlo) and
Emc2 (for Energy Monte Carlo program 2) are programs that
calculate probabilistic estimates of undiscovered resources
based on input distributions for numbers and sizes of undiscovered fields. Emc2 uses specific types of distributions for
the input, whereas EMCEE allows greater flexibility of the
input distribution types.

 3) We utilize both Microsoft Excel and Decisioneering Crystal Ball, which are commercially available software packages so you can compare our simulations at a future date.